• Carolyn S Blevins


Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Candles were my passion for years. A friend taught me how to make beautiful candles one night when our husbands were both serving in Vietnam. It was a wonderful but messy hobby. When Steve came home, he joined me in making them to sell to acquaintances and giving them as gifts to family and friends. Life caused us to turn our undivided attention to our children and putting us both through college. When we lived in Guthrie, Oklahoma, USA, we opened a shop and factory called Victorian Lights. Guthrie is known for its Victorian architecture and is on the National Historical Register. We made unusual and well-scented candles to sell wholesale and retail. We even gave tours in our factory to tourists. It was an enjoyable period in our lives.

Welcome to my blog! My life has had many twists and turns as I'm sure most people have. We moved to Guthrie, OK, several years ago to open a home furnishings and accessories store. Guthrie is on the historical register and offers a step back in time with its beautiful Victorian architecture. While in this business, I began to make candles - a process I learned when my husband served in Vietnam. I decided to open a factory with a retail store making gorgeous candles with flames of colors swirling through them. After a few years, we moved back to Yukon, OK, and I joined the Yukon Writers' Society. Now I am excited to be a published author!

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